Ag Services

Thunderbolt Wood Treating has been providing treating services for Agricultural uses for over 35 years. We have established a reputation for providing quality treatments with CA-C, ACZA and CCA preservatives. Pressure-treated wood posts come in a range of sizes from 2“ x 8’ Pointed Tree Stakes up to 5/6” x 20’ Hop Poles. Pressure-treated wood products can be used for fencing, utility poles, and grapevine stakes.


Whether these are building poles found on pole barns or doweled poles used for corrals or boundary fences, providing material that has been treated properly prolongs the life cycle of the material. Which creates an environmentally friendly life cycle that allow for a forest management program to ensure that we can continue to use wood products for generations.


Wood can be subject to attacks by insects, micro-organisms and fungi decay, especially in high-moisture conditions. Preservatives help ensures long term structural performance by protection wood used in a wide range of service conditions. Pressure-treated wood products are an economical and renewable building product.



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