Custom Milling


Thunderbolt Wood Treating has added cutting and drilling capabilities to meet our customer’s needs. As other treating facilities cut back on special orders, Thunderbolt Wood Treating now offers a more extensive manufacturing and production line for Caltrans Guardrail treated wood posts and signposts.

Guard rails posts require material that are cut to length and drilled to specific requirements, which could include two 1” holes with an additional 3” breakaway hole, at or near the bottom of the posts. Each project will have a variance of drilling requirements and these must be done prior to starting the treating process. This is just an example of our capabilities. Please contact your salesperson to learn more.

Most projects require some form of cutting or milling of treated wood products. It is best to pre-cut and pre-drill as much as possible to maximize the life cycle of the treated wood and avoid unexpected repairs. The American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) M-4 Standards requires that any exposed treated wood products be fielded treated. The most common error is a simple end cut that has been left open without an after-market brush or spray on preservative solution, which can be found in most lumberyards.

Milled lumber and timbers come in a variety of sizes with many potential end uses: Chocks and walers for marine construction projects, Cut-to-Length lagging, Trailer Pads, Caltrans material, Bollards, and utility pole framing. We strongly recommend that these and similar type of milling projects be incised then fabricated prior to treating. This will ensure the most efficient treating practices.


Wood products that are milled prior to treating will also create cleaner job sites due to less treated wood waste. Since the products would be ready to install, time spent at the jobsite would be reduced.