Kiln Drying (KD) Services

When trees such as Douglas Fir, Hem Fir, Redwood, or Cedar are fresh cut, the lumber and timber they provide contain a great deal of moisture and are considered, “green”. Lumber and timber that have high moisture content, tend to warp and split as the moisture leaves the material. Lumber companies want to prepare their material, so that it’s ready to use by the contractor at its earliest convenience, or while it is still fresh and green.

After the trees are cut, there are different methods to producing dry lumber and timber. Air drying or seasoning, is one way to bring the moisture content down. However, these methods take time to achieve the desired moisture content. Most lumber suppliers do not want to keep an inventory for any extended period nor does the end-user have the time to wait. Some areas could take up to six months to produce the results required. The use of a Kiln proves to be the most efficient method; by lessening the time frame required to get the desired results.

Drying of wood material also improves the strength of the lumber, kills infestation, hardens pitch, preserves color, reduces weight and controls shrinkage. In Kiln Drying, the lumber is placed in a chamber where airflow, temperature, and humidity are controlled to provide rapid drying, as quickly as the lumber can be tolerated without creating defects. Lumber and timber that is not dried under these controlled conditions are subject to warping, shrinkage, and other degradation that diminishes workability of the material and decreases the value of the wood.

When using KD lumber from a local lumberyard, the lumber should be used within a few days to a week. KD lumber will acclimate to the ambient conditions. Most projects will provide the desired moisture content.

We offer KD drying services for green lumber, and for public projects such as schools. Additional drying services include: HT (Heat Treating) services for overseas packaging or crates, KDAT (Kiln Drying After Treating) and conditioning / pre-drying for special projects. Our kilns can accommodate projects up to 100’ in length. Contact your sales person to get pricing and scheduling.