Safety Data Sheet

Copper Azole Protect is a great option for your home, and the following information gives you a clear and comprehensive look at all of the relevant safety information. If you have additional questions about the safety of this product for your own home improvement needs, we will be happy to discuss these questions and concerns with you directly. Any type of treated wood will always come with a range of safety hazards, most often associated with fumes from burning treated wood, or from particles as the material is sawed or sanded. 

Reading the safety data-sheet can be overwhelming, and you may come across some pieces of information that can cause alarm if not taken in context. Remember that this information is meant to give you an absolute understanding of all potential risks, no matter how unlikely or use-specific they may be, which is why it is so important to discuss the real-world likelihood of each of these issues. To get a sense of the safety of this product for your own usage, we will be happy to go through all of your concerns and give you a non-scientific explanation of all of the potential safety hazards. 

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