Santa Barbara

Stearn’s Wharf in Santa Barbara, located along the scenic Central California coast, offers beach goers and ocean lovers a great opportunity to enjoy this charming and popular destination city while relaxing on this historical timber wharf. Stearn’s Wharf is constructed with almost all timber treated with ACZA / Chemonite®. This wharf is a great example of how treated wood can provide the beauty of natural resources coupled with the most effective wood treating solutions available.

At the ripe old age of 130 years old, Stearns Wharf is still built primarily of wood and has weathered wars, fires, earthquakes. It has seen the harbor transform from a bustling port for cargo and passenger ships to a home for pleasure boats, a fishing fleet and whale watching tours.

The substructure of this popular wharf is fabricated using Douglas Fir timber piles. Additionally, these piles are coated with our SG E375-08 Marine Grade Polyurea Barrier System. The Polyurea provides a barrier between the harsh marine environment and the preservative which, when installed correctly, enhances the timber piles ability to provide long sustainable life cycles.