Thunderbolt Wood Treating offer a variety of treating services for Multi-Residential dwellings.

Pressure treated wood products are used in many different residential application, starting from the ground up; with ACQ Protect® for exterior ground contact commonly found in fence posts and material for Decking or Trellises. It is typical that the posts and substructure material used in decks and trellises be rated for ground contact or labeled as 0.40pcf per American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) standards. The fence rails, deck boards and other material to be used above ground can be treated using a lower retention value of 0.25pcf. ACQ Protect® treated wood to be used for mudsill can also treated with the lower retention.


For a more cost effective solution on interior projects where the treated wood will be from moisture and situated above the ground, we offer T-Bor® Borates for mudsills.

Many multi-residential projects (apartments) and state public buildings require fire retardant treated wood to provide protection to slow the spread of a fire. D-Blaze Interior® Fire retardant is known to be highly effective and with proper installation, provides a wall of protection. Thunderbolt Wood Treating was the leader in creating a market for the red dye color that is currently in most D-Blaze® FRTW products. The red dye offers building inspectors the opportunity to visual see that Fire Retardant material is being installed.

Other options may include Kiln Drying lumber and Kiln Drying After Treating. This method ensures that the construction material is stable during and after construction. Most State of California projects, through DSA, require that material be KD or KDAT.


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