Specification Guide for Treated Wood End Uses

The following guide can give you a clear sense of which treated wood product is best for your upcoming project. It’s important to be confident that you have selected the correct product to get the best performance. If you find the guide to be confusing, or if you are still uncertain about which will be best for your unique needs, we will be happy to go through the pros and cons of each choice after we have a better understanding of your needs. 

We offer a range of wood treatment options, and we are certain that we can provide you with a high-performing stock for whatever your application may be. As you look through this guide, keep in mind that your best approach may be to mix-and-match the types of treatment depending on where and how you will be using each piece of lumber. By carefully thinking through your use cases, you will be able to maximize the useful life of each product from Thunderbolt Wood Treating.

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