Pismo Beach Boardwalk

The city of Pismo beach maintains a wooden pier structure located in the heart of the city. It has been a tourist attraction for many years. Local residents and visitors come to the beach to enjoy the ocean view and to stroll along the coast or to walk above the waves on this pier system.


Recently the city added an extension to the pier. The extension parallels the coastline which makes it accessible from two locations. One can easily access the beach from the raised boardwalk.
The structural composition of this boardwalk exemplifies the utilization of the Best Management Practices (BMPs) for marine projects when such projects are exposed to constant human contact. The round timber piles are treated with ACZA / Chemonite® which allow for the piles to be submerged in the ocean water. The substructure material is also ACZA / Chemonite® and treated with a minimum net retention of 0.60 pcf. The retention value allows for contact with the salt water.
The decking and railing system of the boardwalk is treated with ACQ. The ACQ preservative is consider as an environmentally friendly wood preservation system and is commonly found is residential projects.