Limited Warranty

If you are interested in learning about the limited warranty for Copper Azole Protect, take a look at our complete explanation of the warranty benefits. We stand behind our work, and the limited lifetime warranty of this product is a great indication of that confidence. Thunderbolt Wood Treating is a revolutionary approach to extending the useful life of your wood, and any defects in product or workmanship are covered under our warranty with certain restrictions and limitations. The most important thing to remember in this warranty is that it protects the owner, and any transfer of ownership from the original Thunderbolt Wood Treating client to another nullifies the warranty. 

We guarantee, limited by the terms of this warranty, that your Copper Azole Protect will be resistant against damage caused by termites or fungal decay that renders such Wood Preservation structurally unfit for its Permitted Use for as long as a Homeowner owns the structure built using Copper Azole Protect (CA-C). However, this warranty will not cover damage resulting from other issues, such as surface mold growth, staining (such as blue stain), damage from exposure to weather (such as discoloration, graying, splitting, cracking, checking, warping, or twisting), ordinary wear and tear, misuse, or acts of God. In addition to these limitations, your specific application of the wood product may limit your warranty, which we will gladly discuss with you.

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