ICC-ES Evaluation Report

The following report is all about International Code Council Evaluation Service, Inc.’s evaluation of Copper Azole Protect (CA-C) preservative-treated wood. This report goes into the technical specifics of this product, including the general applications of Copper Azole Protect, the type of wood used, the copper azole preservative system, as well as a range of information about installation specifics, fastener types, structural capabilities, and more. This comprehensive report provides a lot of the information that we include in a range of additional literature about CA-C, and we will be happy to help you understand any of these technical breakdowns in layman’s terms during our work together. 

If you are looking for a technical deep-dive into Copper Azole Protect, this document is a great resource. If, however, you would like to speak directly with our team about how your specific needs can be met with this highly-effective pressure-treated option, contact us directly so we can begin planning your use. 

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